The awareness about cancer keeps increasing just as the diagnosis of cancer increases on a yearly basis, and according to the American Cancer Society there will be about 1.6 million new cases of cancer diagnosed this year. This is frightening and much more difficult for people who are going through the pain of cancer or from its treatment.

At Hygia Pain Institute in Las Cruces, our duty is to support and help patients going through the treatment of cancer. We help them manage and alleviate the pain that comes with pancreatic cancer, chemotherapy and every other cancer type.

Find out some of the reason why Cancer pain occurs.

What is Cancer Pain?

Without no doubt, the cancer pain is down to cancer itself, the proliferation of the cancer or the treatment processes such as chemotherapy. For patients who have cancer that has spread to other paths of their body, with the experience comes varieties of painful sensations. Going through intense chemotherapy isn’t a palatable experience.

Below are Some of the most common feelings associated with cancer pain:

  • Mild pain at the spot where the cancer started

  • Mild pain in the region where the cancer has spread

  • Sharp severe pains associated with cancer

  • Mild pain associated with the process of chemotherapy or another drug treatment

  • Recurrent headaches or total body aches that comes with the treatment

All these are not listed to make you lose faith, with the right believe and support you will push through. For any form of pain due to the treatment of cancer, The Hygia Pain Institute can offer less aggressive process of treatments to help you alleviate and manage your pain effectively.


Why does it occur?

The pain that is cancer associated is linked with pancreatic cancer or any region where the spread of the cancer has touched. When the tumors grow, they likely push on some sensitive organs of the body, nerves and other parts of the body and this causes severe pain in the regions that are affected.
The primary cause of the pain associated with chemotherapy is due to radiation. This radiation process causes painful sensations all over the body and it doesn’t stop at that but it also leaves scars behind. The body tissues and nerves are often left damaged after they are exposed to this radiation. The hope of radiation is to kill the cancerous cells but it end up damaging the good ones also.

What are the treatment options for cancer pain?

Treating cancer pain without surgery or addictive medications is possible and there are various of ways to achieve this.
Here are some of the treatment options we offer to patients suffering from cancer pain:

  • More powerful medications (managed effectively)
  • Over-the-counter pain medications
  • Nerve block injections
  • And more